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Trenchless installations for all Utilities


Unless there is a specific need for directional drilling or open-cut trenching, Elite Utility Services usually employ a method to replace or install your services called Impact Moling.

Impact Moling for Utilities

What is Moling?

The impact mole is one of the original and simplest of the trenchless technologies and was developed for the installation of small diameter pipes in compressible soils over short distances.


Assuming the pre-installation study has been assessed correctly, the installation of a product pipe using an impact mole is relatively simple and straightforward.

Impact Moling is frequently used to install gas and water service pipes to properties, either from an access chamber or excavation in a highway. This method would make, to give an example, road crossing possible without digging a trench across the road.


Cables can also be installed in this manner with or without ducting, although the provision of a duct is generally regarded as a safer method of cable installation and protection.

What is Directional Drilling?

Horizontal Directional Drilling is an efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to installing underground services of all kinds. The operator can ‘steer’ the drill horizontally through the ground, from above, and track it using a specialist tracing unit.


The drill will cut a smooth bore hole through the soil between the pre-determined locations and at the minimum depth required for that particular service, without the need for open cut trenching

The head is then changed for a reaming head and the hole is enlarged by reversing the drill and pulling in the service pipe or duct at the same time.


Pipe or duct sizes range from 25mm to 125mm, and up to 100m can be drilled in a single shot, or up to 10m deep, dependent upon ground conditions.

Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology

At Elite Utility Services we use two types of trenchless technology to install pipes and ducting: Moling/Thrust Boring and Directional Drilling (HDD)

inside a pipe
drill head

Moling / Thrust Boring

Firstly we have a thrust bore, better known as a mole, this method is ideal for small, domestic replacements / installations, and a minimal size excavation is needed.


Our moles range in sizes from 45mm to 145mm, meaning we can install pipes from 20mm diameter to 125mm using this trenchless method. We can mole up to 20m in a single shot, ground depending.

drill head

Directional Drilling (HDD)

Our Directional Drilling (HDD) rig is a small 4X drilling rig capable of drilling up to 100m in a single drill, installing up to 125mm pipes and ducts. There is a trackable sonde in the head of the drill meaning we can pinpoint exactly where the drill head is, the angle it is facing and its depth.


Moling can only go in straight lines, whereas directional drilling is directional! We can steer the drill through the ground under roads, car parks, streams and rivers!

heating pipes

It's not all trenchless here at Elite Utility Services....

Whether it’s water, gas, electric, data or drainage, we can install any service via trenching aswell. Having our own machinery such as diggers and dumpers, we can carry out all trenching for any service at any depth. We have carried out hundreds of trenching projects. In every case, the health and safety of the public, our customers and our staff takes priority.


All of our sites are set up by trained operatives with full Chapter 8 qualifications (signs, barriers, cones etc).

Trenching Services

We make life easier for you, providing quick, cost-effective and professional services. Our team serves all areas of London and the South East. Get in touch now.

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