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Horizontal Directional Drilling
concrete base
concrete footings


 Our highly skilled team will work with you to determine the extent of the work required and the best way to carry out the project. We pride ourselves on flexibility and versatility and can offer a comprehensive range of groundwork services.


  • Site clearance

  • Foundations

  • Retaining walls

  • Temporary and permanent drainage

  • Reinforced concrete slabs

  • Landscaping

  • Surfacing roads and car parks



Our teams also carry out:


Demolition works

Strip out works

Dismantling projects

Contact us to find out more information of this service

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Utility Installation and Tracing


Utility Pipe Tracing and Surveys (Services)

As we replace services underground, we are faced with multiple dangers. Our specialist equipment locates other utilities such as electric cables and gas pipes.

We use tracer cables to help us locate plastic pipes and drainage systems, as well as the depth of the other services, in order to avoid them and also locate them for our clients. We can also carry out full mapping of large areas such as estates and car parks to locate and assist other companies with underground works.

Multi-Utility Installations

We are not just a water company, we can utilise the same method and our experience and equipment to install any service.


We can install water, gas, electric, data, fibre and drainage via trenchless technology such as moling and directional drilling. We can also use trenching where there are many existing services and trenchless methods are not viable. 

We have carried out multi-utility installations for domestic customers, utility providers, commercial clients and even railway projects. 

electric warning tape
Utility Pipe Tracing & Surveys
Multi-Utility Installation

Call our team for utility installations of any description. We serve all areas of London and the South East.

Phone: 0800 774 7694

Multi-Utility Installations: Get a Quote
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